Be Now Here


You can’t race to Nirvana, you can’t demand illumination, and you can’t shortcut the path to awakening.

You can’t even instil calmness by sheer force of will.

But — there is one very powerful tool to assist you in getting calm, becoming patient, remaining quiet. This tool is Music.

Read on…

The Idea

Now, there’s an ocean of music out there that’s meant to be played while getting a massage, doing yoga, or meditating; basically accompanying any kind of self-care you can think of. What do you feel whenever you (have to) listen to this music?

Feels generic, doesn’t it? Like the Lotus-decorated, incense-fumed second cousin of Muzak, the cheesy stuff you hear when riding a hotel elevator. Not all of it, of course; there are quite a few recordings of genuine beauty among the common relaxants, one of the first to become popular in Western culture being Music for Zen Meditation, released in 1964 by Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi masters Shinichi Yuize and Hōzan Yamamoto, respectively, and American clarinetist Tony Scott (who later did something similar with Codona’s Sitar player Colin Walcott, Music for Yoga Meditation and Other Joys. That was the Sixties, mind you; meditational, recreational, spiritual music has become increasingly banal ever since.

Let’s Change That.

The three musicians who form Be Now Here and who are not in the least suspicious of being members of any esoteric society, with backgrounds in diverse musical genres like Blues, Soul, Pop, Indie (to name a few), have entered a quest for meaningful relaxing music. They have all been tortured with candy-sweet, synth-drowned Sitar drones, so, they decided to make a difference. To create actual music for meditation, yoga, relaxing; instead of major chord mayhem.

The music of Be Now Here is based on improvisations — unintentional yet mindful playing in its original meaning.

Excerpts from those sessions, bits and pieces, snippets, are then being edited by Babu Menos, who often adds binaural beats and the fantastic Paulstretch algorithm to deepen and intensify the experience.

Find links to the music here.

The Musicians

Three men on a quest for soothing, yet intriguing sounds, for the quiet between the notes, for the calm among the waves:

Sven Bünger

Sven Bünger is a producer of various musicians who lends his vision to those in search of a unique approach towards their songs; first and foremost, though, he is known as a both skilled and sensitive guitarist.

Markus Trockel

Markus Trockel has laid foundation for countless recordings with his bass; lesser known yet equally impressive is his truffle hog nose for digging up the right sound at any given moment on any keyboard known to man.

Babu Menos

Babu Menos is a multi-instrumentalist who sings, plays, and records alt-pop songs, usually solo; he loves digging deep in his several massive trunks of musical playthings and considers himself a fool with many tools.

The Music

Be Now Here: Music for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, and Joy.

Let’s preface this with a recommendation: Be Now Here’s music should be listened to at a low to moderate volume. You might consider turning down your device to 50 % of its usual output.

Cover artwork for the single ‘Schumann’

The single “Schumann” is the first release from Be Now Here. It contains a binaural beat of 7.83 Hz (left 184.9972 Hz, right 177.1672 Hz), known as Schumann resonance, also wind chimes and keyboard sounds (time-stretched with the fabulous Paulstretch algorithm) from a December 14, 2019 session, and a guitar phrase from that same session; lastly, the sound of ocean waves on the shore (recorded by user kingsrow, licensed into the public domain).

The cover is based on the image Hatō zu by Uehara Konen (1877–1940), via Library of Congress (public domain).

The fonts used are Josefin Sans by Typemade/Santiago Orozco (Logotype), licensed under the SIL Open Font License, and Mass Regular by erste liga, used with kind permission.



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